Day 7: Education Bills Up for Discussion

2014 Education bills

Here’s what is coming up Tuesday, Feb. 4 at the Utah Legislative Session. Senate Standing Committee: 8 a.m., Room 210 in the Senate Building. House Standing Committee: 2 p.m., Room 30 in the House Building. . . . → Read More

State Board member on teacher tenure, evaluation

Tami Pyfer, Utah State Board of Education, District 1

A package of legislative recommendations received a preliminary nod of approval from the Utah State Board of Education on Friday. Among the Promises to Keep Legislative Agenda items is a recommendation to make some changes to how teachers are evaluated and terminated in Utah. Those curious about this recommendation should definitely read the letter to the editor by State Board Member Tami Pyfer published in today’s Logan Herald Journal. She breaks down what the proposal does, and what it doesn’t do. . . . → Read More

Promises to Keep Legislative Agenda

State of Education Address_Utah Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K Shumway

The Utah State Board of Education is considering a slate of legislative and policy proposals to recommend to the Utah Legislature. The Promises to Keep Legislative Agenda will be introduced at the September 9 State Board meeting. . . . → Read More

Tax breaks and diversions

Utah State Board of Education Member Kim Burningham

In previous updates, the plight in Utah’s education funding has been demonstrated: lowest in the nation with effort decreasing. Why? Some suggest the economy is the problem. “We can’t help it,” those apologists say. That is, I believe, only a partial truth. . . . → Read More

Two State Board proposals on Education Interim Committee agenda

2-8-11 Utah Capitol

Two of the three pieces of assessment legislation the Utah State Board of Education has proposed for the upcoming session have been picked up by legislators. The draft bills are on today’s Education Interim Committee meeting agenda. . . . → Read More

Online education passes Senate, a last-minute bill is unveiled and more news from the Utah Capitol

Yesterday we saw another example of the fact that even though a bill fails, either in committee or on the floor of the House of Senate, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dead. S.B. 65 Statewide Online Education Program, by Sen. Howard Stephenson (R-Draper), passed out of the Utah Senate with a 17-12 vote after failing the day before in a close vote in the same body. Plus, the Senate Education Committee is meeting today to hear a bill unveiled yesterday, which was also supposed to be the last day for committee hearings. And read about the rest of what happened at the Utah Capitol yesterday. . . . → Read More

Last day for committees, online ed fails… maybe, plus other ed bill news

Today is the last day for committee meetings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean bills that weren’t passed out of committee are dead. An online education bill fails on the Senate floor, but could return. The Legislature took action on six education-related bills we’re watching yesterday afternoon and unveiled five new ones. . . . → Read More

Another 19 ed bills unveiled as session enters the final stretch

Stack of Bills

This is the first day of the last full week of the Utah Legislature’s 2011 general session, which officially ends Thursday, March 10 at the stroke of midnight. The last day scheduled for committee hearings is Wednesday. And while the end is drawing very near, we have 19 new education-related bills to add to our bills to watch list. . . . → Read More

Two weeks remain in legislative session but number of bills still growing

Stack of Bills

Two more weeks remain in the session and yet another batch of education bills have been unveiled. The five new bills bring our list of legislation to watch to 87. They include proposals changing how public education funding is distributed, requiring specific American history documents to be taught each year in Utah’s K-12 public classrooms and outlining how school districts should evaluate teachers. . . . → Read More