Florida program to retain students may result in increased dropout problems

Utah State Board of Education Member Kim Burningham

In a blog post several months ago, I compared education results in Florida with those in Utah. Apparently my post made its way all the way to Florida, where an education advocate there pointed out an often overlooked negative effect of that state’s education reforms. . . . → Read More

Education Reform: Utah v. Florida

Utah State Board of Education Member Dave Thomas blogs for UtahPublicEducation.org "Closing the Achievement Gap"

Utah State Board of Education Member Dave Thomas analyzes the data behind the buzz surrounding Florida’s education reforms. How do Utah’s reforms stack up? . . . → Read More

Keeping our promises: Part 4

Utah State Board of Education Chairwoman Debra Roberts, District 15

Utah State Board of Education Chair Debra Roberts submits her final post in her four-part series on Utah’s long-term strategy for public education, outlined in the recently adopted document “Promises to Keep.” In this entry, she looks to the future at the challenges and opportunities of a new educational paradigm. . . . → Read More

Education leaders in Utah to discuss measuring teacher effectiveness

Education leaders from several western states and education policy and teaching experts from across the country will meet in Salt Lake City today for a two-day conference on measuring educator effectiveness. . . . → Read More