Education News Roundup: Nov. 08 – 2017

"I Voted Sticker" by Bill.Roehl/CC/flickr

In today’s ENR: The Tribune and KUTV look at the latest charter school enrollment numbers. The Big Education Races To Watch On Election Day. The education policies Americans will vote on this Tuesday. The U.S. elections quiz. How much do — and don’t — you know? . . . → Read More

Adults in the building: A teachable moment

Robert Austin, Utah State Office of Education K-12 Social Studies Specialist_"Adults in the building: a teachable moment"

Anyone who has been in schools around this time of year has heard the announcement. It goes something like this: “Students, there are adults in the building in Hall B. Do not bother them by going into Hall B. Thank you.” Just what, exactly, is happening in Hall B? If it is the second Tuesday in November, the hall is being used as a polling place and the adults are coming in to vote. . . . → Read More