Funding Education in Utah: Other Complications

Utah State Board of Education Member Kim Burningham

In recent blog posts I have described the plight of education funding in Utah: bottom of the heap and declining effort. In this email I wish to round out several issues that make the funding picture even more bleak. . . . → Read More

The legislative wheels keep on turning…

Since our last update, six education bills we’re watching have been passed and are on their way to the Governor. The legislative grind continues, but under Utah law, the session must end at the stroke of midnight tonight. . . . → Read More

Provisional teacher bill heads to governor, other ed bills pass and some fail

A bill reinforcing that provisional teachers are at-will employees and districts don’t need to provide cause for their termination is on its way to the governor after the Utah Legislature passed it this morning. Also read about the other bills that have passed and those that haven’t since our last legislative update. . . . → Read More