Education News Roundup: Aug. 12, 2015

"Kids going to school" by Spyros Papaspyropoulos/CC/flickr

In today’s ENR: Washington School Board approves a tax increase. And Washington School District discusses its instructional materials needs. Governor Herbert touts walking to school. LA Times looks at the work involved in reconciling the House and Senate ESEA rewrites. How much homework is too much homework? Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for Aug. 12. . . . → Read More

Helping with Math Homework

Education News Roundup_"Studying Math" by scui3asteveo/CC/flickr

Here are some tips for parents from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’s publication on “Teaching Children Mathematics” via Marshall Memo 484. . . . → Read More

Ensuring Your Child’s Success in Kindergarten

Day 5 by Abby Hendrickson/CC/flickr

Looking for specific learning activities to prepare your child for kindergarten? USOE’s Parent Resource page is the place to go for an abundance of compiled information. . . . → Read More