Online Education Has Its Place, But is Not as Successful as Live Instruction

Utah State Board of Education Member Kim Burningham

The New York Times recently reported a very interesting study published by the National Education Policy Center. The study compared the success rate of student in “virtual” schools, where instruction is entirely or mainly provided over the Internet, versus what they called “brick and mortar” schools. . . . → Read More

Math 1030 Exciting News

What is mathematics?_Diana Suddreth_Utah State Office of Education

An exciting new concurrent enrollment class is available for students in the fall of 2012. The Math 1030 course has been enhanced through a legislatively funded project by providing a hybrid course that gives additional supports for teachers. Being a hybrid course means it will be taught in the classroom with online components. . . . → Read More

Did You Miss the Statewide Public Education Online Program Webcasts?

Photo of three teenage girls sitting in front of a computer screen.

The Statewide Public Education Online Program (SPEOP) is one of the newest ways Utah high school students can take free classes online that count toward graduation credits. The Utah Legislature created this new program when lawmakers passed Senate Bill 65 earlier this year. Since it’s such a new program and because there are so many ways Utah students may access online classes, the Utah State Office of Education hosted two informational webcasts on SPEOP that are now archived on the USOE website. . . . → Read More

Learn about the Statewide Public Education Online Program

Public Education Online Logo_Statewide Public Education Online Program

You are invited to learn about Utah’s Statewide Public Education Online Program (SPEOP) during two live webcasts hosted by the Utah State Office of Education. These webcasts are designed to explain to school staff and students, parents and guardians how to enroll in this program, one of several options for taking public school classes online in Utah. . . . → Read More

Utah State Board of Education meeting summary

In this meeting, the Utah State Board of Education moved Public Education Online forward by giving preliminary approval to a rule governing the program that reimburses online education providers for up to two classes per year per student; provided guidance to school districts and charter schools in evaluating educators for classroom performance; and announced that the U.S. Department of Education has given approval to revisions in Utah’s No Child Left Behind plan. . . . → Read More

Partisan caucuses and unintended consequences

Dixie Allen, Utah State Board of Education, District 14_Partisan caucuses and unintended consequences

As I listened in the last Education Interim Meeting to the supposed positive effects of moving to a partisan elected State School Board, I was confounded by the logic that having possibly 400 delegates select who is allowed to be on the ballot is somehow better than a vote of the total population of the State Board Districts. However, more frustrating for me is knowing how school boards operate in states that use such an election process, where a partisan caucus decides what, how and when education policy shall be addressed. . . . → Read More

Online education is not new to Utah

Tami Pyfer, Utah State Board of Education, District 1

Representative Bradley Daw’s commentary extolling online education as “the new player in the education arena” (Deseret News 7/24/11) is illustrative of a common yet significant challenge to public education in Utah: a widespread lack of knowledge by legislators and the general public about what is actually happening in our schools. . . . → Read More

Special State Board meeting called for Public Education Online rule

UPDATE: The Utah State Board of Education will convene Monday in a special meeting to consider passing an emergency rule for the implementation of the statewide online education program, Public Education Online, created by SB 65. The new program is effective July 1. Not having the rule in place by this deadline would put the Utah State Office of Education in violation of state law. NEW: The State Board will also discuss redistricting. . . . → Read More

Two State Board proposals on Education Interim Committee agenda

2-8-11 Utah Capitol

Two of the three pieces of assessment legislation the Utah State Board of Education has proposed for the upcoming session have been picked up by legislators. The draft bills are on today’s Education Interim Committee meeting agenda. . . . → Read More