Tax breaks and diversions

Utah State Board of Education Member Kim Burningham

In previous updates, the plight in Utah’s education funding has been demonstrated: lowest in the nation with effort decreasing. Why? Some suggest the economy is the problem. “We can’t help it,” those apologists say. That is, I believe, only a partial truth. . . . → Read More

The legislative wheels keep on turning…

Since our last update, six education bills we’re watching have been passed and are on their way to the Governor. The legislative grind continues, but under Utah law, the session must end at the stroke of midnight tonight. . . . → Read More

With six hours to go, here’s an update from the legislative session

Just six more hours remain before the Utah Legislature must conclude its business for the 2011 general session. And there is still a lot of work to do. We’re keeping an eye on the reading calendar to track the movement of the dozens of education bills we’re watching this . . . → Read More

Session’s end looms, dozens of education bills still in play

This is the last week of the legislative session, which ends Thursday at the stroke of midnight. And this means lawmakers are working at a frenzied pace to finish before time runs out. . . . → Read More