Education News Roundup: Oct. 17 – 2016

"Graduation Caps" by JMaz Photo/CC/flickr

In today’s ENR: Utah tech industry group splits school board races into two camps. United Way of Northern Utah receives grant to foster student success. Davis School Board interviews 10 candidates for superintendent of schools. Nation’s high school graduation rate reaches new record high . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: Aug. 25, 2015

In today’s ENR: There’s some follow up on Sen. Jackson’s plan for a partisan school board. Weber State looks to increase Hispanic enrollment. Study estimates 10-15 percent of students are chronically absent. The group is looking to push recognition of truancy as a major impediment to student achievement. Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for Aug. 25. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: Oct. 27, 2014

In today’s ENR: Utah releases the first-ever SAGE results based upon the new, more rigorous Utah Core Standards. Here’s your chance to catch up on local school board races. Weber Supt. Stephens discusses assessment. States backing off on use of student biometric tracking data. Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for Oct. 27. . . . → Read More

UPPAC Q&A: Teachers and Campaigning

Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Q & A

The Utah State Office of Education’s legal team answers your questions about Utah’s public education system. In this edition, a teacher wants advice on campaigning for a local school board candidate. The answer and how to submit your question are in the July 18 UPPAC’s Q&A. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: Oct. 25, 2012

"Drug-Free School Zone" by Rachael Voorhees/CC/flickr

In today’s ENR: Special ed moves center stage in the Matheson-Love debate. The heat is on (whoa, ’80s flashback there to Glen Frey and “Beverly Hills Cop”) in the Canyons District race. Mark Bouchard discusses Gov. Herbert’s education plans. “The governance of high school sports might be the most egregious example of unchecked power and government condescension in a free society.” – Sutherland’s Paul Mero. Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for Oct. 26. . . . → Read More

Provisional teacher bill heads to governor, other ed bills pass and some fail

A bill reinforcing that provisional teachers are at-will employees and districts don’t need to provide cause for their termination is on its way to the governor after the Utah Legislature passed it this morning. Also read about the other bills that have passed and those that haven’t since our last legislative update. . . . → Read More

Education bills and budget discussions progress

Stack of Bills

As I write this post, the Senate Education Committee is tackling a full agenda. The committee convened at 7:30 a.m. today to get through four bills. This morning full of education bill debates follows a late evening yesterday at the Utah Capitol when appropriations subcommittee members delivered their budget recommendations to the Executive Appropriations Committee. . . . → Read More