Education News Roundup: June 21, 2017

Education Dive takes a look at how Utah and other states are moving forward with competency-based education. State Charter School Board votes to terminate Kairos Academy’s charter. Climate change debate is heating up in schools. A new report looks at the phenomenon of rich, white neighborhoods splitting off from their local school districts. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundup. . . . → Read More

State School Board Candidates

"Your Vote Counts" by Renee Silverman/CC/flickr

Wondering who is running for office in your school district this November? Here is a list of the candidates seeking a seat in the Utah State Board of Education. Read a brief biography on each at Some of the candidates also offer links to their own websites. . . . → Read More

Dear Parents…Kids and Language Immersion

Parley's Park Elementary School Spanish Dual Immersion_Gemma Arro third grade_Park City_Utah

Do you want to give your children an edge? Make sure they speak more than one language – and the earlier, the better. Kids who are exposed to two languages from birth have an advantage over their single-language peers. The best practice is to have one parent consistently speaking English, and the other parent consistently speaking a second language to the child. . . . → Read More