Board Endorses Ballot Measure

The Utah State Board of Education voted Friday to support Utah Constitutional Amendment B, a ballot measure that if approved by voters in November would increase and stabilize the distribution from the permanent State School Fund through the School LAND Trust program. . . . → Read More

Education Bills Ceremonial Signing

Student leaders, teachers and staff welcomed Gov. Gary Herbert to Joel P. Jensen Middle School Wednesday for the ceremonial signing of five education bills. . . . → Read More

State Board Honors Margaret Bird

Margaret Bird

In recognition of Margaret Bird’s many years of service, she was honored for her work with the Utah School LAND Trust Program. . . . → Read More

$29 Million for Utah Schools

"School" by Andy Simonds/CC/flickr

Utah School community councils received $29 million from the School LAND Trust Program. The amount is the largest since the program was created in 2001. The money is to be used to make improvements in academic areas that have the greatest needs. The councils come up with improvement plans, which are then approved by the local school boards. . . . → Read More

School Community Councils Touch the Future

The new training video, School Community Councils Touch the Future, covers the principles of the School LAND Trust Program with a focus on student academic performance, local control, working as a team, and making a lasting difference for students using their trust dividend. You will touch their future with your choices. . . . → Read More