Healthy STEM 5K Run

This 5K event is designed for students, parents, and educators to come and engage in Healthy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experiences with the community. Participants will receive one of several prizes which may include: Healthy STEM shoe laces, Healthy STEM jump rope, Healthy STEM t-shirt or water bottle. . . . → Read More

Healthy STEM 5K Registration

Please sign up for the Healthy STEM 5k. See the flyer for all the details. Participants can register on EventBrite. . . . → Read More

Rose Park Elementary Needs You

"Megaphon" by Floeschie/CC/flickr

Rose Park Elementary in Salt Lake City is a finalist for the Select 25 award from Selecthealth. They are one of three organizations that are competing for the final award of $2,500 to support building a new track to help students, families, and community members exercise. . . . → Read More

Healthy STEM 5K Turnout

Gearld Wright Elementary's team won a prize for having the most participants in the event.

Thank you for all of your support for the first year of Healthy STEM. Based on the data that we have from the registration website, we had: . . . → Read More

Run, Learn and Support Utah’s Students

Here is your chance to participate in a great event and help support students who are members of Utah’s MESA National Competition Team. Sign up today. You can register online. . . . → Read More

Sign up: Healthy STEM 5K and STEM Fair

student windmill model

The Utah State Office of Education will host the first annual Healthy STEM 5K and STEM Fair on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 8 a.m. at the Salt Lake Center for Science Education in Salt Lake City, UT. . . . → Read More