Cómo ayudar a sus Hijos en la Escuela

"Family Fun Day" by Asian Art Museum/CC/flickr

El Superintendente Estatal de Educación Larry K. Shumway ofrece consejos a los padres de familia para ayudar a sus hijos a tener éxito en la escuela. . . . → Read More

Park City adding Dual Immersion in every elementary school

Parley's Park Elementary School Spanish Dual Immersion_Gemma Arro third grade_Park City_Utah

Dual Immersion programs soon will be available to students in every elementary school in Park City School District. The district has committed to expanding the program to all four of its elementary schools to further its vision for neighborhood schools. . . . → Read More

Utah’s “Global Kids”

Utah's "global kids"

Newsweek’s recent article, “How to Raise a Global Kid,” chronicles one American millionaire’s decision to move his family to Singapore to prepare his two young daughters “for the future, for the 21st century.” It’s a good read, but will likely make more than a few parents question whether they’re doing enough to ensure their children’s chances of successs in the emerging global marketplace. Thankfully, there’s an internationally lauded dual-language immersion program in Utah that’s bringing this global focus to neighborhood schools. . . . → Read More