Book Cliffs Development a Win for Schools

Map of School Trust Lands in Utah

On August 20, 2013, the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) Board of Trustees voted to approve a proposal from Anadarko E & P Onshore LLC to conduct exploratory drilling over a five-year period on SITLA’s Book Cliffs Block. . . . → Read More

Trust Lands Task Force Completes Work

Map of School Trust Lands in Utah

The Utah State Board of Education’s School Trust Investment Task Force held its final meeting on July 16. You can learn more about the task force and read minutes – or listen to audio recordings – from all of its meetings here. . . . → Read More

$29 Million for Utah Schools

"School" by Andy Simonds/CC/flickr

Utah School community councils received $29 million from the School LAND Trust Program. The amount is the largest since the program was created in 2001. The money is to be used to make improvements in academic areas that have the greatest needs. The councils come up with improvement plans, which are then approved by the local school boards. . . . → Read More