Utah students make gains in AP pass rates in 2011

A total of 18,508 Utah students took 29,851 Advance Placement (AP) exams in 2011 and passed them at a rate of 68 percent, according to data released today by the College Board, creators of the AP exams. This represents a 7.5 percent increase in AP participation in Utah and an increase of 1 percent in passage rates. . . . → Read More

ACT: More Utah high school seniors college ready

More Utah high school seniors, and a more diverse group of seniors than ever before, took the ACT college entrance examination during their high school career and their average score held steady at 21.8 for the fourth year in a row, according to data released today by ACT. Utah’s scores continue to outpace the national average, which was at 21.1, ACT reported. . . . → Read More

Closing the achievement gap

Utah State Board of Education Member Dave Thomas blogs for UtahPublicEducation.org "Closing the Achievement Gap"

What is the achievement gap? Seems a simple enough question, but the answer might surprise you. The achievement gap comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It also matters how that achievement gap is being measured and by what testing methodology. Hence, when someone talks about the achievement gap without providing more details, they are not really saying anything useful. . . . → Read More

State Office gathering differentiated pay pilot feedback

Superintendent Larry Shumway and Deputy Superintendent Martel Menlove have been gathering feedback from faculty at the five schools participating in the Performance Based Compensation Pilot Program. The short-lived pilot ends after this school year, when participating teachers will receive differentiated pay based on their performance according to the plan developed for the pilot program. . . . → Read More

Five Utah students earn perfect ACT scores

Congratulations are in order for five Utah high school students who will receive awards this week for acing the ACT! The students are Peter Daniels from Logan High School, Judah Evangelista from Kanab High School, Rebecca Nickerson of Salt Lake City’s West High School, Timothy Kuhn of Smithfield’s Sky View High School and . . . → Read More

NAEP science scores released

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah’s fourth grade students scored on average 5 points higher than their peers nationally and Utah’s eighth grade students scored on average 9 points higher than their peers nationally on the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests, according to data released today by the National Center for Education Statistics. . . . → Read More