Education News Roundup: April 6, 2017

Some Utah school districts are balking at sexual-orientation question on the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Immigrant activists are seeking a show of support from the Ogden School District. Rural Utah discusses some of the issues, including education, that it faces these days. EdSource looks at rural education problems nationally. About two-thirds of Utahns aged 16-24 hold jobs. That’s the second highest percentage in the nation. Connecticut has removed test scores as a measure on teacher evaluations. looks at some new studies out looking at public resignation letters from teachers. All that and more in today’s Education News Roundup. . . . → Read More

Utah’s ACT 2012 Test Scores

"Standarized Test" by Biologycorner/CC/flickr

Utah saw a 76 percent increase in Hispanic students, a 63 percent increase in Pacific Islander students and even a 20 percent increase in white students taking the ACT in 2012, bringing all groups more in line with their representation in Utah’s school population as a whole, thus giving Utah a better picture of seniors’ post-secondary academic readiness. . . . → Read More

Watch report on class size and AYP, third grade reading scores

Does class size matter? What about the impacts of funding, demographic changes and enrollment on test results? Utah State Office of Education Associate Superintendent Judy Park and her team of data analysts crunched the numbers for the Utah State Board of Education. Watch the video here or on our YouTube Channel. . . . → Read More

Third grade language arts trending up despite challenges

Associate Superintendent Judy Park and the Utah State Office of Education’s data analysts created this telling report showing overall proficiency in English Language Arts is trending upward despite significant demographic changes, steady enrollment growth and reduced literacy funding. . . . → Read More

Education: A comparison of Florida and Utah

At today’s board meeting, District 5 Board Member Kim Burningham presented an analysis of the Florida educational reforms and how that state stacks up against Utah. . . . → Read More

Utah students shine on national science test

A new report released today shows Utah’s fourth and eighth grade students are ahead of the pack in science. Only 11 states scored significantly better on the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests. Utah’s fourth grade students scored about five points above the national average and it’s eighth graders scored nine points higher. . . . → Read More