November Meeting Summary

n its November 4, 2016 meeting, the Utah State Board of Education: Gave preliminary approval to an amended rule dealing with public school participation in organizations like the Utah High School Activities Association. Approved Digital Teaching and Learning grants for four school districts and two charter schools. Reviewed student enrollment numbers from the October 1 head count conducted in Utah public schools. . . . → Read More

State Board May Meeting Summary

In its May 8, 2015 meeting, the Utah State Board of Education: Released draft changes to secondary mathematics standards for a 90-day public comment period. The Board also revised its standards adoption process. Asked for a rule to be drafted about components of Utah’s Public Educator Evaluation Requirements (PEER) program for annual educator evaluation ratings. Agreed to form a digital teaching and learning task force to look at that issue in elementary and secondary schools. . . . → Read More

State Board May Meeting

The Utah State Board of Education will hold a study session and its committees on Thursday, May 7 and its full Board meeting on Friday, May 8 at the Utah State Office of Education, 250 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City. The complete agenda along with more information about agenda items can be found here. Thursday’s study session and Friday’s meeting will be streamed live here. Shortly after the end of Friday’s meeting a summary of major action taken by the Board will be posted here. . . . → Read More

Send your Nominations Today

The State Board of Education is now seeking applications for a position on the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Advisory Council. The position is for an individual who has an interest in and knowledge of the needs and education of students who are deaf, blind or deafblind. . . . → Read More

USDB Superintendent Finalists

Utah State Board of Education Seal

The Utah State Board of Education has named three finalists to replace retiring Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (USDB) Superintendent Steven W. Noyce. . . . → Read More

New Deafblind Teaching Endorsement

"Learning is Here" by Alan Levine/CC/flickr

The Utah State Office of Education has recently approved a deafblind teaching endorsement. As the complex and intense needs of children with deafblindness have been recognized, so has the need for teachers with specialized training in deafblindness. . . . → Read More

USDB Task Force holds public hearing

The Utah State Board of Education’s Task Force for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind will hold a public hearing on Thursday. The task force was created in February to look into the functions, responsibilities and financing of USDB. It will report back to the State Board it’s findings in June. . . . → Read More

Time to submit nominations for Teacher of the Year

It’s time to submit nominations for the 2012 Teacher of the Year. The Utah State Office of Education chooses the Utah Teacher of the Year from nominees selected by local districts, charter schools and the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. The winner of the Utah award is automatically nominated for the National Teacher of the Year award. . . . → Read More

Civics education bill passes Legislature, plus other ed. news from the Utah Capitol

American flag in elementary school classroom

Yesterday, a Civics Education bill the State Board of Education says is unnecessary passed the Utah Legislature. And another bill we’ve been watching closely allowing ads on school buses is also on its way to the governor’s desk. Read more about these bills and the other education bills on the move in these final days of the session. . . . → Read More