CTE Scholarship Awards Banquet

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, the 30th Annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) Scholarships and Tuition Awards Banquet will take place at Salt Lake Community College. This banquet is a longstanding tradition used to honor CTE students throughout the state who have been selected to receive a scholarship and tuition award from a postsecondary institution in Utah. . . . → Read More

New Board Members/Recognitions

USBE Chairwoman Tami Pyfer (left) and board member Debra Roberts.

The Utah State Board of Education welcomed two new non-voting members during its January meeting. Freedie Cooper will serve as the Coalition of Minorities Advisory Committee’s representative. Kristin Elinkowski will represent the State Charter School Board. . . . → Read More

Partisan caucuses and unintended consequences

Dixie Allen, Utah State Board of Education, District 14_Partisan caucuses and unintended consequences

As I listened in the last Education Interim Meeting to the supposed positive effects of moving to a partisan elected State School Board, I was confounded by the logic that having possibly 400 delegates select who is allowed to be on the ballot is somehow better than a vote of the total population of the State Board Districts. However, more frustrating for me is knowing how school boards operate in states that use such an election process, where a partisan caucus decides what, how and when education policy shall be addressed. . . . → Read More