Education News Roundup: Jan. 13, 2015

In today’s ENR: Governor’s advisory committee likes the Common Core. There’s lots of follow up on taxes and education funding in Utah. Sandy Kress, one of the architects of No Child Left Behind, talks … well, No Child Left Behind. Links to these stories and many more are in the education news roundup for Jan. 13. . . . → Read More

Education News Roundup: June 3, 2013

Graduation Cap Cupcake

In today’s ENR: Where was this trend when ENR was a boy? “Study: Parents spending more on children.” D-News looks at how high school graduation has changed in light of the recent LDS decision on missionary ages. Jordan wants your opinion on planning for growth. Education has overtaken the economy as Utahns’ top issue. Links to these stories and many more are in the Education News Roundup for June 3. . . . → Read More

Utah Leads the Way to Improve Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Matheson Junior High School_Utah Leads the Way to Improve Mathematics Teaching and Learning

On Friday and Saturday, November 4 and 5, more than 400 mathematics teachers met at Matheson Junior High School in the Granite School District for an opportunity to learn more about quality teaching in mathematics. . . . → Read More

Learning Forward Selects Utah as Critical Friend State for Common Core Implementation

Learning Forward Logo_"Utah Selected by Learning Forward as ‘Critical Friend State’ to Review and Contribute to Creation of System to Support Teachers Implementing Common Core State Standards"

Utah has been selected as a Critical Friend in a new initiative led by Learning Forward – a national membership and advocacy organization focused on professional development – to create a statewide, comprehensive system to support educators as they implement Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and new student assessments. . . . → Read More

What is mathematics?

What is mathematics?_Diana Suddreth_Utah State Office of Education

When most people think about mathematics, they flash on memories of long division worksheets, equations that seemed impossible to solve, and incomprehensible story problems. Adults will say, without shame, that they never use mathematics in their lives. This is partially because traditional school mathematics has misrepresented the subject. . . . → Read More

Introducing the Utah Common Core

The Utah Common Core Academy professional development event this summer was an unprecedented, large-scale effort to give educators the tools they need to successfully implement the new Utah Common Core. The Academy was well-received by participants and it’s also garnered national attention. Learn more about the Utah Common Core in a new video, “Introducing the Utah Common Core,” posted here and on our YouTube channel. . . . → Read More

State Board of Education Member explains his support for the Utah Common Core

Craig E. Coleman, Utah State Board of Education, District 3

Utah State Board of Education Member Craig E. Coleman explains the merits of the Utah Common Core in an opinion piece published in today’s Deseret News, “Implementing the New Common Core State Standards.” In it, he explains what the Common Core is, how it’s being implemented and why he and the rest of the State Board unanimously voted to adopt these new, more rigorous standards for Math and English Language Arts. . . . → Read More

A focus on the basics

Science Education_A focus on the basics_Prosperity 2020

Marty Carpenter from the Salt Lake Chamber provides an update on the business community’s education initiative, Prosperity 2020. Utah business leaders shaping the direction of Prosperity 2020 are exploring a number of initiatives to strengthen public education across the state with an emphasis on Utah’s youngest students. . . . → Read More

Utah Common Core Academy 2011 underway

Lt. Governor Greg Bell, Utah State Board of Education Chair Debra G. Roberts, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry K. Shumway, Utah Commissioner of Higher Education William A. Sederburg, and Prosperity 2020 Chair Mark Bouchard kicked off the Utah Common Core Academy 2011 at a news conference at the Utah State Office of Education this morning. . . . → Read More